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Guardian Portable Generators

The most trusted name in home standby generators also offers a broad range of portable standby power. From Home use to camping, construction, or outdoor events, these rugged and reliable generators are available in sizes up to 17500 Watts.   Click here for Guardian Portable Generator information
Guardian Portable Generator Guardian Portable Generator Guardian Portable Generator

Generator Transfer Switches
What is a Generator Transfer Switch and why do I need one?

A transfer switch is an electrical device installed next to your load center that transfers power from your generator to your home and is the key to safe and convenient operation of generators for backup power. Required by the National Electrical Code (NFPA 70), a transfer switch isolates those circuits using generator power during an outage, and eliminates the risk of back feeding the electrical utility which can cause injury or death to utility workers and property damage. Also, using a transfer switch with your generator eliminates the need to run extension cords around the home or office.

Gen/Tran Generator Transfer Switches